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Directorate of Higher Education, Govt. Of National capital Territory of Delhi.

Directorate of Higher Education formulates the policy guidelines for self financed institutions/colleges every year. Those societies who fulfill the criteria as per policy guidelines may apply for NOC with necessary documents such as land ownership proof, available infrastructure facilities etc. The Joint Inspection Team which include members of GGSIP University and concern Department of Govt. of National capital Territory of Delhi inspect the concerned institutions and gives their recommendation after verifying land status, availability of faculty members, infrastructure facilities including Class Rooms, Library, Laboratory and other related facilities.Government Issue NOC on the basis of the recommendation of the Joint Inspection Team and documents supplied by institutions. Every year last date has been fixed to apply for the NOC and those applications which received after that date are not considered.

Grant-in-aid to the colleges is approved by the Planning and Finance Department as per the Pattern of Assistance. The quantum of Grant-in-aid depends upon their requirements and utilization of grant-in-aid of previous years.

Proper utilization of funds to the Colleges/University is checked by the Audit conducted by Internal Audit Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi and AGCR Department. It is monitored by Utilization Certificates submitted by the Colleges/University

As per the requirement of the Delhi Govt. sponsored colleges, the Directorate of Higher Education send the request to the land owning agency i.e. DDA for Allotment of land.

Earlier this scheme was available for the teachers of Delhi Government sponsored colleges but at present this scheme has been suspended due to imposition of austerity instructions of Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Economics Affairs vide its D.O. No.32/170/EM/2005 dated 19.07.2005.

The Department has taken steps for improvement of higher education by opening of New University, New Colleges, and providing funds for construction of new modern college building. In addition to this, the Department has introduced job oriented courses in colleges and funds has been provided to modernized infrastructure facilities such as Library, Laboratory, Play-ground, Auditorium, Computer Lab etc.
In order to provide quality education to the self finance institutions affiliated to GGSIP University, policy guidelines for issue of NOC Are being formulated every year and self financed institutes are also inspected Every year.

The Department has set-up Fee Regulatory Committee headed by the Retd. Justice of Delhi High Court who regulates the fee of self financed privately managed institutions.

The statistical data is collected from Delhi University Colleges funded by Delhi Government and other higher educational institutions. These statistical data are being compiled as per prescribed perform of statistical data. The collection & compilation of statistical data help in formulating the policy Guidelines and future Action Plan for the improvement of higher education

The AICTE affiliated colleges/University does not come under the administrative control of This Directorate of Higher Education. The Deptt. Of Training & Technical Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi is the administrative Department of AICTE affiliated colleges.

At present, there is no system of gradation of colleges but proposal is under consideration.

The details of scheme is given on the website

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